WORLD TELEPORT  is Global Satellite broadcasting facility, with 14 satellite dishes K-Band and C-Band satellite dishes for multi-point signal transmission. A Network Operating Center (NOC) with a Data Center that facilitates data storage and the delivery of voice, data and video content to any device anywhere in the world.

US FCC C-Band Broadcasting Licenses.We can uplink and downlink our signals for broadcasting over Fiber, Satellite, Cable and Internet including Mobile up-link trucks.

We provide a vast number of solutions for all types of telecommunication needs.

  • Satellite Uplinks and Downlinks
  • VOD, Over-the-Top, IPTV, VoIP, IP Streaming and Mobile Services
  • Digital file Transfer via Satellite
  • Live and Television streaming delivery, Radio and premium Media content across the Internet and portable devices around the World

We have Infrastructure equipped to provide full service breaking news, sports, special events, satellite media tours, corporate production and data gathering.

  • HD/SD Satellite Transmission
  • Mobile Editing
  • Satellite Uplinks and Downlinks
  • Breaking News
  • International News
  • Sporting Events
  • Satellite Corporate Teleconferencing
  • Live or Videotaped Television Production
  • Wireless Data gathering for Consumer Traffic
  • Producers and Directors
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Video News Releases
  • Broadcast Trucks
  • Crew Coordination
  • Transportable Uplink
  • Satellite Production Trucks
  • Satellite Space Segments
US FCC C-Band Authorized licenses are the following:
  • SES – LIC – 20111227-01502
  • SES – LIC – 20111104-01319
  • SES – LIC – 20130222-00194
  • Nature of Service: Fixed Satellite Service
  • Class of Station: Fixed Earth Station


  • Facility has fiber optic connected to the AT&T backbone with MediaWorks equipment.
  • Facility has two separate fiber optic feeds into our building for double redundancy with access to Verizon and Comcast fiber ready to turn on anytime.
  • Access to other major carriers with fiber network available at end of street that would be willing to bring their services to our building any time.
  • Access to Dark Fiber from Level-3 and Phonoscope which is the main fiber for downtown Houston and Medical Center.


3003 Moffitt Lane   •  Missouri City, Texas 77489
Located 20 minutes South West from Downtown Houston


3003 Moffitt LLC Property ID: R126048 3003 Moffitt LLC is in good standing with the State of Texas.

Taxpayer ID: 32043360216

A tract of land containing 3.397 acres (147,974 SQFT) being Restricted Reserve "A", McHARD ROAD CENTER, a subdivision in Fort Bend County, Texas according to the map or plat thereof recorded in Slide No. 752/B of the Plat Records of Fort Bend County, Texas.


15,000 square foot building, RF shelters, and 14 satellite antenna systems. The complex is laid out as followed:

  • 6,000 SQFT for colo (NOC)
  • 4,000 SQFT for office space
  • 5,000 SQFT for storage facility

Furniture & Fixtures

  • UPS System & diverse electrical distribution
  • HVAC System
  • Backup Generator System
  • Station Grounding System & lightening Protection
  • Fire Detection / Fire Alarm / Fire Suppression
  • Security/Surveillance System & Intrusion Monitoring & Alarm
  • Licensed Satellite Antenna Systems
  • Unlicensed Satellite Antenna Systems
  • Unused antenna foundations & heading
  • RF Shelters
  • Communication Tower
  • Satellite RF Equipment & Systems
  • Base-Band Equipment & Systems
  • Terrestrial Equipment & Systems
  • C-Band SNG Vehicle
  • Ku-Band SNG Vehicle
  • Test Equipment, tools & Lab fixtures and furniture
  • Spare Parts & Inventory
  • Shipping & Receiving fixtures, furniture & equipment
  • Building & Occupancy Permits

World Teleport equipment specifications
World Teleport facility is FCC Licensed to broadcast C-Band signal.

  • C-Band Satellite Antennas:
    • 12 meter C-Band Antenna
    • 11 meter C-Band Antenna
    • 9 meter C-Band Antenna
    • 7 meter C-Band Antenna
    • 5 meter C-Band Antenna that is portable on the Mobile Uplink truck.
  • Generator size:

We test redundancy system on UPS Battery which runs the building and Detroit Diesel generator which kicks in within seconds for continuous power.

    • 825 KW
    • 1031.25 KVA
    • 277/480 Volts


  • Power Source
    • MDS – Side A
    • 2000A – 480/277 V – 3PH – 4W
    • Fed from utility and generator
    • MDS – Side B:
    • 2000A – 480/277 V – 3PH – 4W
    • Fed from utility and generator
  • UPS – Battery Back-Up Units

UPS – Units A, B, C & D each has the following power:

    • 480 V - 3PH - 3W Input
    • 480 V - 3PH - 3W Output
    • 40 batteries each unit
  • Ku Antennas
    • 1.2 Meter Ku- Tx/Rx Fixed 2 Port
    • 2.4 Meter Ku- Tx/Rx Steerable 2 Port
    • 3.7 Meter Ku- Tx/Rx Steerable 2 Port
    • 6.1 Meter Ku- Tx/Rx Steerable 4 Port
    • 9 Meter Ku- Tx/Rx Steerable 4 Port
  • C-Band Antennas
    • 2.4 Meter C-Band- Rx Fixed 1 Port.
    • 5.5 Meter C-Band- Tx/Rx Fixed 2 Port.
    • 7 Meter C-Band- Tx/Rx Steerable 4 Port
    • 9 Meter C-Band- Tx/Rx Steerable 4 Port
    • 11 Meter C-Band- Tx/Rx Steerable 4 Port
    • 12 Meter C-Band- Rx Steerable 4 Port
  • C/Ku Receive only Antennas
    • 3.1 Meter C/Ku- Rx Fixed 2 Port
    • 4.5 Meter C/Ku- Rx Steerable 4 Port
    • 4.6 Meter C/Ku- Rx Steerable 4 Port

Fiber Connectivity:
Fiber connected to the AT&T backbone, Verizon, Phonoscope Cable (Houston-based Fiber Company), TWC, Comcast and Level-3 fiber cable on the front and back of the property for double redundancy


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World Teleport


Westward Reach. Source:
World Teleport

List of Satellites Within Reach of Houston:

World Teleport

List of Satellites Within Reach of Houston - continued:

World Teleport

List of TOC and Uplink Equipment Inventory

World Teleport